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CT054 One Sweet Tobacco Jo

August 14, 2016

this week's, Kosho School of Karate instructor, Evan Jones and I make our first stop in our multi state, multi-country karate road trip.  This week we are in Nashville, TN to work out at James McLain's Kosho School of Karate with Head Instructor Ezra Scott.  In today's episode we catch up with Ezra's recent training regiment. 

We also talk about another instrutor at the school, Nick Riggans.  Mr. Riggans is quite the southern renaissance man! In addition to being a great martial artist, he is also the star of the CMT's Tobacco Wars,  a few episodes are available online, and I'll share a link on the Chop Talk facebook page. He is also one hell of a musician, the bumper music to this week's show came from his latest album  "Farmed and Dangerous", which was i am told was at the time of this recording,  one of  the top 10 country albums in Europe.  We'll play the title track to the album later in the show. If you like good old fashioned country music, you'll definitely like what you hear and you can buy Nick Riggan's latest album, Farmed & Dangerous on Amazon, you can see the video for Farmed and Dangerous on YouTube, and find out more about his other projects at   We will be looking to have Mr. Riggans on as a guest in a future episode.

For those of you interested in learning more about Ezra Scott, and McLain's Kosho School of Karate in Nashville, TN you can visit