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CT080 Covid, Corona, & Karate with Dr. Andy Wells

April 5, 2020

This week, Dr. Andy Wells, joins us to talk about COVID-19 and the Corona Virus. Dr. Wells is an Internal Medicine physician, and will be starting a Cardiology fellowship this summer, at a major academic medical center.  

The Doctor breaks down what this virus IS, what makes it different that the flu, the best way to prevent yourself from getting it, what to do if you have symptoms, and the current  situation with protective equipment at the hospitals. For those listeners that are still having group training, Dr.Wells  tells us  the best way to stay safe and  prevent infections at your dojo. At the end of the show, we discuss horrific martial arts injuries and how to way to treat them.

If there is anyone out there, such as Dentists or Veterinarians, that has mask, or gloves, or other medical equipment, please consider donating it to your local hospital. 

To find the latest info on the Corona Virus and Covid-19, visit the CDC's website at


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