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CT077 Harvey King: The Way It Is

July 23, 2019

This week's guest is one of the top Jodo practitioners in the United States (and an instructor at our upcoming seminar in Cincinnnati!), Harvey King.  He started training in karate in the 60s/early 70's, before branching out to iaido, aikido, and his primary focus Jodo.  He has traveled, trained, and taught all over the world.  In today' show we go through some of this history and he shares several training stories from his many visits to Japan.  We also discuss how  he became one of the early Jodo pioneers in the US, and has helped its growth in the country.

For more information on Harvey King visit or find his Jodo group at the Aikido of Park Slope at 630 Sackett St. in Brooklyn New York.