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CT053 Evan Jones - You don’t want the front row at a beheading

July 24, 2016

Oh man! In May I went on one of the all time great karate road trips!  Kosho School of Karate instructor, Evan Jones, and I went on a week long Odyssy starting in Cincinnati OH, and then heading to Nashville, TN to train at James McLain's Kosho School of Karate with Head Instructor Ezra Scott, then it wason to Dalton, GA to jump in the Classical Fighting Arts seminar taught by Yoshio Kuba and my good friend Miwa Kanazawa, next was the long haul! Evan and I drove 13 hours straight, all the way from Georgia to Guelph, ON to join in the annual Sei Do Kai Jodo seminar! In Canada Evan and I  we were joined by Kosho members Paul & Mark Tarvin, Travis Volz, and Tom Dougherty all of whom were testing for their promotions in Jo-Do.

We recorded episodes all along  the trip, and we'll be releasing them over the next few weeks. In today's episode we get to know my co-pilot Evan Jones and find out his background in the martial arts.  That interview is coming up in just a minute, but first is the

For those of you interested in learning more about Evan Jones, and theKosho School of Karate in Cincinnati, OH you can visit