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CT052 Anthony Bordain Parts Unknown: Okinawa

June 12, 2016

Some of you may have noticed that Chop Talk took a little hiatus.  I got a little busy with all my karate adventures, and had to put the podcast on the back burner.  But now we're back and have a lot to talk about: had 6 members from the Mei Sui Kan dojo visit Cincinnati, and people came from all over the Midwest to participate in the workshop,  I was in Japan for most of December, including a very Okinawan Christmas, we lost one of my best friends and everyone's all time favorite Chop Talk guests Randy Alley, and Evan Jones and I went on one of the craziest karate road trips of all time, going from Cincinnati, to Nashville, to Atlanta, and then Toronto all in less than a week.

But, we'll get into all of that in upcoming episodes. I have a lot of good interviews recorded and even more lined up.  Today's show is the wrap up of my discussion with Ezra Scott on Anthony Bordain: Parts Unknkown Okinawa episode.   Ezra and I talk about the shows features on Okinawan Sumo and Bullfighting, them get into Anthony's strange questions about women in Karate, and whether it is ok for karate guys to drink, before we go way off script and talk about about watching Kung Fu Quest on YouTube. CNN seems to have taken down the complete program, but there are quite a few clips here:

For those of you who are new listeners, Ezra Scott, the head instructor of McLain's Kosho School of Karate in Nashville TN, you can find out more about Ezra and his school by going to

Oh! I almost forgot! After this weeks show, I am planning to make a few tweaks to the Chop Talk format.  I would like to add a 5-10 min news segment, but I need a good correspondent!  If you are interested in being the new Chop Talk news girl, go to the Chop Talk facebook page for more details.