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CT050 - Fukuhara Seminar and Chokeholds

October 11, 2015

This week, my good buddy Chris Gavin joins the program.  Chris and I have known each other since we were little kids, and he we worked out together at the Univisity of Illinois Shuri Ryu Karate Club starting back in 2000.  Chris and I start off by reminiscing about the UofI club and then talk about the upcoming Jodo and Karate seminar in Cincinnati with Sensei Choushou Fukuhara.  

On Saturday, November 7th,  The Kosho School of Karate will host a Seminar by 2014 Japanese National Batto-Do Champion, Sensei Choushou Fukuhara and 6 members of the Mei Sui Kan dojo in Okinawa, including former Chop Talk guest, Miwa Kanazawa.

The seminar will focus on the Jodo: The art of the short staff, but will also include sessions taught by Sensei David Hamann on Shuri Ryu Karate, and Miwa Kanazawa on Goju Ryu Karate, and one more instructor we can't announce just yet.... but hopefully I will be able to talk about that soon...

Jodo is the japanese martial art of the short staff.  It was started in the 1600s by Muso Gonnonosuke, who was one of the most famous samurai in Japan. He was considered to be the best practitionaer of the bo, or 6' staff in Japan at that time.  He fought a duel with Miyamoto Musashi, but lost because he couldn't maneuver his 6' bo in such a way to block musashi's 2 sword attack.

Defeated but still alive, he retreated the mountains near Fukuoka in Southern Japan and at found a  temple, Kamado Jinja where he developed the art of Jodo. He shortened his long staff  to 4' and practiced striking and thrusting attacks to use against the sword.  The shorter staff let him mimic the movements of the sword, spear, and nagainata and also allowed him to move inside of a swordsman's guard. When the time was right, he challenged Musashi again, this time defeating him. This was the only time Musashi lost a match in his entire career. 

If you are interesed in learning  more about the jo, you are not going to find a better opportunity than this seminar.  We will have something for beginners and also advanced jo practitioners.  We will also have some great karate sessions for those of you who are interested in hand-to-hand martial arts. 

To find out more about the seminar with Sensei Choushou Fukuhara and the Kosho School of Karate in Cincinnati, call 513-510-3844, email, or visit the event page on facebook. I have been posting some videos and photos about the seminar on the facebook page, so definately check it out!