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CT047 Searching for a Sensei with Amanda Kaufman

July 5, 2015

This week's guest is my good friend, Sensei Amanda Kaufman. Amanda is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shuri Ryu Karate and Okinawan Kobodo, She is the owner and head instructor of Advancing Karate in Perrysburg, OH.  Amanda begain her training in the martial arts at 5 years old. She now trains under O'Sensei Robert Bowles, 10th degree black belt and head of the International Shuri Ryu Association

Sensei Kaufman is a Lifetime Member of the ISA, International Shuri-Ryu Association since 2007. In 2008 she was awarded the- "Sensei of Merit Award", a 2009 "Superior Leadership Award", and a 2009 "National Dojo Instructor's License" through the International Kokusai Shurite Yudansha-Kai.

Sensei Kaufman is a regular attendee of all the major ISA events, which is where I caught up with her in April. Since 2001 Sensei Kaufman has taught Karate and is the current Head Instructor at the Ft. Meigs YMCA Center for Health Promotion, Perrysburg, Ohio.

She hosts an annual Summer Shuri-Ryu Standards & Weapons seminar. This year it will be held on August 8th, in Perrysburg Ohio. The seminar features O-Sensei Robert Boweles as the instructor.

Today's show is the first half of my interview with Amanda. We compare notes about the recent ISA seminar in Ft. Wayne, IN and then she talks about how she started in the martial arts and her mission to find a new sensei after her original instructor switched styles. She then gives me a few tips on teaching the kids.

To find out more about Sensei Amanda Kaufman, her upcoming seminar, and Advancing Karate, LTD in Parrysburg, OH visit, call 419-509-4277 or e-mail: