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CT035 David Hamann Part 3

February 1, 2015

This week we start off talking about the construction of the current location of Kosho School of Karate in Cincinnati. We then talk a little shop, as Mr. Hamann gives us his insights on how to train at such a high level for such a long time.  and discusses some of the techniques and training methods he has developed over the years. At the end, we talk about getting back into the karate business, and how far the school has come in the last year. And I know that we couldn't have done it without Sensei Hamann's leadership. We are very lucky to have him here, and I just want to say "Thank you" from all the instructors and students.


To find out more about the Kosho School of Karate and Sensei David  Hamann, go to, visit the show's page on Facebook, call 513-510-3844, or email

To find out more about his industrial design business:  David Hamann Design, or the  products he has currently on the market, and, go to, or e-mail

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