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CT057 Road Trip Wrap Up

April 16, 2017

This week we are wrapping up our multi-dojo, mulit-state, multi-country martial arts road trip. This thing took so much energy out of me that regular Chop Talk listeners may have noticed the show has been coming out pretty sporadically in the last few months.  Well, today's episode is the last pre-recorded show in the bin.  So next week Chop Talk will be returning with all newly recorded episodes.

Just a forewarning though, this audio on this week's episode is a little rough.  The first half of the show was recorded on-the-road as Kosho School of Karate instructor, Evan Jones, and I were heading over a recently re-opened mountain pass in the Appalachians.  The pass had been closed for over a 2 months due to a severe mud slide, and as you can hear in the audio, we almost slid over the side ourselves as I was paying a little too much attention to the conversation and not enough to driving!

The 2nd half of the show was recorded at the Shakespear Arms, a local English pub in Guelph, Ontario.  All of the guys from the Kosho School of Karate that made the trip from Ohio to Candada were there.  Paul & Mark Tarvin, Travis Volz, Tom Dougherty, and of course Evan Jones. I am happy to report that all of them successfully passed their Jodo test and were promoted!